12 High Protein Super Fruits You Should Eat To Lose Belly Fat

12 High Protein Super Fruits You Should Eat To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat

Are you also facing a problem related to belly fat? Then you are in the right place. More and more people today around the world are facing this problem. The major reason behind growing belly fat can be attributed to our monotonous lifestyle and wrong eating habits. People are bound to their desks in offices and spare little or no time for exercise and also the habit of consuming more and more junk food is leading to increasing in belly fat.

Losing your belly fat can be a lengthy process if you are too lethargic to exercise. So there are some really special fruits that can help you get rid of your unwanted belly fat and make you look like what you have always dreamed of.


1) Pomegranate


Pomegranate is a delicious fruit to eat. It is super rich in antioxidants and really helpful in flushing out harmful toxins from your body. You can find polyphenols in pomegranates which is a kind of antioxidant, which is also very helpful to boost the metabolism of the body. They also help a lot to minimize the lipid build up in the arteries and make you feel like you have eaten full stomach, thus it will lower your appetite. It is a rich source of fiber, proteins, vitamin c, vitamin k, folate, and potassium. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help you to reduce your belly fat.


2) Apples


Apples are really useful when you want to cut your belly fat. They are very high in fiber content and also low in calories. This is a fruit that not only keeps you away from many diseases but will also make your stomach full because you feel like you have already consumed a lot when you finish even one apple. It is very rich in antioxidants too. This fruit is full of energy giving substances such as natural sugar which is not harmful, vitamins especially vitamin c and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and much more. You will not only cut fat from its consumption but will also become really healthy.


3) Avocado


It is a fat burning fruit. It is an excellent source of omega fatty acids. So it has fat content which is healthy for your body. The nutrients in this fruit are such that it will help to fasten the process by which fat will be converted into energy, thus you will not feel lethargic, and instead, you feel more energetic. Your metabolism will become much better than before if you consume this fruit. It even has more potassium than bananas. They are a full bunch of fiber that helps you to lose fat. If you consume this fruit you will not only lose fat but will also be able to control your cholesterol level. They are also a rich source of vitamin k, vitamin c, and many more vitamins and minerals


4) Coconut


Coconut is very helpful for the satisfaction of your cravings. It will make you feel full and contains very few calories. They contain MCFA which is known as medium chain triglycerides which are very helpful when it comes to raising the level of metabolism in your body. It can increase the rate of liver’s metabolism in the body by around thirty percent. If you don’t like to consume coconut directly you can try coconut water, coconut oil for cooking, coconut milk and many more other versions of coconut that you can include in your daily routine. It will help you to lose belly fat and you will realize that it is a very tasty ingredient that you can use in your daily cooking.


5) Bananas


Bananas are very rich in fibers and it will make you feel full. It will lower your appetite and craving for junk food. You can also say that there is a type of resistant starch in bananas that will block the absorption of carbohydrates from your body and instead the body will use fat for the burning process and it will be converted to energy. Thus you not only get a nutritious diet but you will also get a fat cutter option if you consume bananas. It is very rich in all the important vitamins and minerals that your body needs and also has some really good antioxidants.


6) Grapefruit


Grapefruit also helps you to lose belly fat. It contains an antioxidant named naringenin which helps to balance insulin levels in the body. It is very low in calories and highly rich in vitamin a and c. Thus it is a very nutritious fruit too. It will help you to lower your cholesterol level and keep your heart healthy. It is a fruit that you can include in your daily diet regime to fasten the process of weight loss. It has high water content which will help you to cleanse from inside and lose belly fat. It also contains some really good fat cutting enzymes.


7) Lemons


Lemon is one of the great detoxifying fruits. It is tangy in taste. It is an amazing weight loss fruit. You may not like to eat it raw because it is tangy to taste, but you can add it to your dishes when you are cooking. You can also add this fruit to your salads. There is a simple method also, wherein a glass of warm water you can add half lemon and drink it daily once or twice and within a month or two you will see your belly fat fading away. It helps the body in food digestion and fat burning process.


8) Blueberries


Most of the berries are good for the body. But blueberries hold a special place if you want to lose fat. They are an ample source of antioxidants and fat cutter nutrients. It is very useful to raise metabolism level in your body and to burn the extra calories that you have been storing for long. They are sweet to taste but they don’t add any extra sugar to your body because they have a natural sweetness. If you regularly consume this fruit then you can get rid of your unwanted belly fat.


9) Tomatoes


Tomato is an excellent source of vitamin c. It also contains some special nutrients that are a fat cutter. It helps in easy burning of fat. It is also a rich source of antioxidants and also helps to check cardiac health. If you don’t like to eat raw tomatoes you can make its juice and then consume it. You can add it to dishes and eat it in salads. You can also prepare tomato soup which is very good in taste. Tomatoes are generally available in all the seasons, so you will not face any problem in finding them. They will be very important to keep your belly in shape.


10) Watermelon


This fruit is really high in water content which will help you to get rid of unwanted toxins in the body. The health benefits it provides are highly beneficial. It lowers the accumulation of fat inside the body and helps to improve the lipid profile. It also helps to reduce the levels of muscle soreness in the body. It is very high in vitamins and minerals and contains very few calories. An excellent fruit to consume especially in summers that will balance the water level in your body. Regular intake of this fruit makes you feel full and will help you to cut belly fat.


11)  Oranges

Oranges are one of the best for weight loss as everyone considers because they are rich in Vitamin C. Since Vitamin C is another weight loss essential you can add orange fruit in your daily food course. Another major advantage of orange is they are low in calories comparing to other fruits which is a better sign that it can be used for weight loss. If you take orange it is well known for digestion and hence there will be increasing metabolism that breaks down fats and calories to reduce weight. Total calories per 100g serving: 47


12) Pears


Pears are mainly used for increasing energy in the body as people take it into consideration as an apple. More than the energy it is good for weight loss because a large amount of anti-oxidant is in pears. Since anti-oxidants burn more calories and fats by boosting metabolism, this will reduce weight drastically. Many people intake pears as they take apple daily so the person who tries weight loss can intake this daily in the morning before meal because a good amount of anti-oxidant supply in the starting of the day will reduce fat and burn calories. Total calories per 100g serving: 41